Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cars 2 - Bonus Short! Air Mater!

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Pixar has just posted this short clip, called Air Mater, to their YouTube channel. It will be a new bonus short included on the Cars 2 Combo Pack release on November 1st!

(Looks like they are sneaking in a little "push" for their new movie, "Planes."  )

It was great hearing John Lasseter speak at the D23 Expo last week on how Pixar is going to expand on the world of Cars and investigate other parts of our favorite Cars characters world.  In case you haven't seen the original trailer for Planes, here it is:

Too bad this is going to be a straight to DVD release (or so the rumor is...); I'd love to see the jets on the big screen!

Enjoy!!!  Looks like a great new adventure and film from Pixar! Ticker Ticker

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