Monday, August 29, 2011

BuyWithMe - AMC Movie Tickets! 4 Tickets for $27!

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I am so, so happy this deal has returned!  I buy this deal every single time it comes up, and I love it!

I would much rather see a movie at our local AMC theater over other local ones.  This is a great deal, as AMC theaters are a bit more expensive.

With this BuyWithMe deal, you get four (4) AMC Silver Experience Tickets for only $27 ($6.75/ticket).  You can use them any time, day or night.  I especially like to use them to go to the movies at night since it's more expensive then.

I just took my boys to see Captain America a few weeks ago at a 10:30 PM movie, as a last treat for the summer.  It was great!  These tickets really do come in handy!

Wanna buy this deal too?  Visit the BuyWithMe website today.  This deal expires in one (1) more day!

...and remember, promote the heck out of it!  If three (3) of your friends buy it, yours will be **FREE!** GOOD LUCK! Ticker

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