Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cameli's Pizza - $10 for $20

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There are two Groupon deals out for today.  The first one is from Camerli's Pizza located on Ponce De Leon Ave. in ATL.  For $10, you can get $20 worth of thin-crust pizza, pasta, and more!  Here are some details:
Restaurants offer diners both a delicious reprieve from the kitchen and a secure environment that makes it virtually impossible for the dish to run away with the spoon. Keep your eating implements obedient with today’s Groupon: for $10, you get $20 worth of pizza, paninis, and more at Cameli’s Pizza, located off Ponce de Leon Avenue.
Cameli’s fresh menu comprises elemental Italian fare that appeals to taste buds of all cultural stripes. Start with a shareable dish such as the portabella-enhanced fried ravioli ($5.95), which provides the carb-culled energy required of barehanded fire-hydrant-dismantling contests. The Greek salad ($6.25) offers satisfying flavors to hungry herbivores, and the eatery's infamous monster slice ($3.25 plus $0.85/topping) lets meat eaters, vegetarians, and lachanophobic folk alike customize the toppings on their thin-crusted isosceles triangle. Specialty pies such as the spinach- and feta-laden pax Americana ($7.95 for 10”/$18 for 16”) and the broccoli- and roasted-potatoes-dotted Joey Woolum ($7.95 for 10”/$19 for 16”) make generic, frozen, no-topping grocery-store pizzas take up self-help books, religious pamphlets, and ice-crystal therapy.
Unlike shady pizzerias run by World of Warcraft guild members who have never actually met each other, Cameli’s Pizza is owned and operated by a tight-knit family who harnesses the crowd-pleasing power of correctly kneaded dough and masterfully massaged marinara sauce. Fresh ingredients, daily-made bread, and a casually friendly vibe make Cameli’s Pizza an ideal dining destination for roaming bands of hunger warriors.

To purchase, visit the Groupon ATL website.  Sounds yummy! Ticker

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